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What's Included In The THRIVE w/ SRI Online Program:
~ 12 Week Program leading you step by step with videos through the powerful 12 Stages of Healing - Somato Respiratory Integration exercises to give you upgraded strategies for processing stress and accessing peak energy states so you can create the life of your dreams!

In this 12 week program you'll have all the strategies to master what Tony Robbins has referred to as one of the most powerful, transformative healing modalities he's ever seen and experienced.

 ~ Digital Personal Awareness Exercise Journal with questions for each module.

 ~ 3 Group Coaching Calls.
Hop on 3 powerful group coaching calls with me (1 p/ month) where you'll gain exclusive premiere content, insights and strategies geared to help you thrive in your life.

You'll have the opportunity to answer any questions you have and gain value from others as well.

If you can't happen to make it, you'll have access to the recording and all previous recordings.

 ~ THRIVE Facebook Community: you’ll be able to ask me any questions in the FB group, read exclusive blog posts geared to support your body mind spirit in thriving, and be connected to other amazing people who are wanting to live their best life possible & THRIVE!

~ Bonus Content: Gain access to the most up-to-date content and videos added to the online portal.
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